details at tocca fall/winter 2014, new york.

joe leavenworth

Studio Tetrarc, Tovaglia Coffee Table, 1969

J. Meejin Yoon/MY Studio, Möbius Dress.

Fabrizia Milia

• Vintage Dior perfume ad for Miss Dior illustrated by René Gruau • 

Funkadelic - Free your Mind…And your Ass will Follow (1970)
Art Direction : David Krieger

Can I just get emotional about Marilyn Monroe related things for a sec

Her image used in advertising, sold on cheap canvases with fake diamonds stuck on or lips highlighted, used in decoration in restaurants and beauty salons and absolutely anywhere for no apparent reason pisses me off so much. It all focuses on her glamour icon image and is much more “Hollywood’s little money-maker” than Marilyn the human being. She seems so objectified and it’s especially upsetting that her image was something that ended up overshadowing and hindering her in her lifetime, too. I have a love/hate relationship with Warhol’s Marilyn as it’s all gaudily coloured and saturated and repeated and head-ache-inducing (also print - mass production n stuff) that it highlights how much she was made into a caricature by the entire fucking universe, but at the same time those exact people just look at it and think #iconic #sexsymbol and forget that she was an actual human being and didn’t just exist to be put on a pedestal and trapped there for an eternity gODfrickinDdam

I met Iggy Pop at Max’s Kansas City in 1970 or 1971. Me, Iggy, and Lou Reed at one table with absolutely nothing to say to each other, just looking at each other’s eye makeup.
-David Bowie (via japhne, badeggfitzgerald)
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